Oxford Academic Editing was founded in 2009 by James Disley, an Advanced Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders UK

Formerly known as Isis Editorial Services and primarily serving the Oxford academic community, our happy clients have spread the word and the service now operates as a small team of trained and experienced editors supporting a global client base of academics and doctoral and master’s students.

We edit and proofread theses, books, essays, conference papers, journal articles, research proposals and personal statements to tight deadlines with a service of the highest quality. 

We have extensive experience of working with both native and non-native speakers of English across a huge range of academic disciplines. Whatever your specialisation, we will be able to help.

Little things make a big difference and it’s important to get them right. Our clients know they can trust us to help them communicate their ideas and research clearly and with maximum impact. 

We make sure their writing is audience appropriate, effectively structured and logical – as well as consistent and free of grammatical errors.

So, whether your goal is to get the grade your work deserves or to get published, we’ll make sure the real value of your work shines through and that the little things don’t get in the way.

Our affordable service has been designed specifically with the academic community in mind:

    • We’re not shy about our prices; there are absolutely no hidden costs
    • We understand how deadline driven academia is and so we offer a range of guaranteed turnaround times to suit your needs.

    To find out more about our pricing and our range of turnaround times, please click here. 

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project with us, get in touch with James.

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