I am non-native speaker of English. Will this service suit me?

Absolutely!  We believe passionately that non-native speakers deserve their work to be viewed on a level playing field alongside that of native English speakers. Learning a foreign language is difficult and the simple fact is that very few people can achieve native level fluency, especially not whilst also managing to produce original research in their specialist field. Our service will eliminate the anxieties involved in writing in another tongue and help ensure the quality of your research shines through.

I am a native English speaker. Do I really need this? Doesn't me spellchecker do the same job?

A spellchecker is undeniably useful but it only does so much. An editor looks not simply at phrasing and grammar but also improves the structure, logic and impact of what you are saying, also paying close attention to consistency and clarity. No tool or software app has yet been invented to replace that.

Who will edit my work?

James Disley started Oxford Academic Editing (then known as Isis Editorial Services) as a one-man band in 2009. Since then, the service has proven to be so successful that we now operate as a small team of editors and proofreaders. As those of you who worked with James in the early days will know, providing the highest quality service is what matters most to him and, therefore, quality control is still at the heart of what we do. We work with both academics and students from the best universities all around the world and it is the experience, academic credentials, and reliability of our team that has allowed us to keep growing year on year. The fact that the majority of our clients come to us through word of mouth and then come back to us time and again means we’re confident we’ve got the right team in place to meet the diverse needs of the academic community at all levels. Of course, being a perfectionist, James still runs the show. If you call us, it will be James you speak to. If you email us, it will be James who replies. If you have any questions, well, you get the picture.

Do you work evenings and weekends?

Yes but as we do not check our emails as often or answer the telephone outside our office hours (9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday), we really do need advance warning of work coming outside these hours. Please be sure to drop us a line in advance if you need work doing overnight or over a weekend.

Do you use Word's Track Changes function?

Yes we do, for both proofreading and editing. This function in Microsoft Word allows the writer to accept or reject the changes the editor has made, either one-by-one or all at once. It is simple to use and means that our input can easily be seen and reviewed in order to make sure you agree with the changes. This ensures your work remains very much your own and that final decisions are in your hands. We will also use the Comments function for making detailed suggestions in the right-hand margin, especially if you are having your work edited.